Where Our Linen Is Made

CULTIVER Linen is sourced with quality, sustainability and comfort in mind. As a global brand, we source our linen from across the world, to ensure we can deliver both high quality and affordable products.

Linen originates from Flax, an eco-friendly, sustainable crop that amongst other outputs, produces the strong fibres that are woven into linen fabric. The best linen flax is sourced from Europe - due to the gentle climate, and this is where CULTIVER flax originates. The quality of the flax drives the quality of the end fabric - that is why we ensure the best European flax goes into our linens. The flax is then woven and manufactured into our products by our manufacturing partners in Portugal and China.

Our production facilities specialise in linen and we visit often to monitor quality and production processes. As they have been working exclusively with linen for decades, they are experts in sourcing the best European flax, developing weaving techniques, stable and safe dying processes and perfecting the enzyme wash that make our linens soft from the first time you use them. At CULTIVER, we pride ourselves on our close relationships with manufacturers and knowing that our products are made with love and care, in fair and safe working conditions, is of utmost importance.

OEKO-TEX® Certification

When sourcing new production partners, whether they are OEKO-TEX® certified plays a substantial role. This certification means the manufacturer, and the products they produce, have been tested against a stringent global standard. This standard ensures there are no traces of over 100 substances commonly used during the production process which have been found to be harmful to human health. We’re proud to say, all of our production partners are OEKO-TEX® certified.

European Flax® Certification

It ensures that the flax fibers used in the products come from European cultivation, mainly from countries such as France, Belgium, and the Netherlands, which have a long tradition of flax production. The certification guarantees the European origin, traceability, and quality of the flax fibers used in the production process.

This certification emphasizes the environmental benefits of flax cultivation, such as low water usage, reduced pesticide and fertilizer needs, and a positive carbon footprint. Manufacturers and brands can showcase the authenticity of their products and the sustainable nature of the flax used.

When consumers see the European Flax® certification mark on a linen product, they can have confidence that it is made from flax fibers sourced from European growers and that the production process follows specific quality and sustainability standards.

If you have any other questions about our manufacturing process, or origins of our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at customer-care@cultiver.com with your specific questions.

Image 1 features Linen thread, seen in two colours being white and grey
Image 2 features a person working with fabrics using their hands.
Image 3 shows large white linen floor to ceiling curtains.