STYLING | Textured Walls

STYLING | Textured Walls

13 AUG

At CULTIVER we love introducing texture into the home. We’re naturally drawn to organic materials such as stone, raw timber and (of course) linen, all with their classic, handcrafted feel and aesthetic. By introducing them within a space, be it as a structural element, surface finish or as part of the decor, you can create a layered and tactile feel.

We’ve loved watching texture being increasingly used in interior design, and have compiled a few of our favourite finishes for you.

1. Limewash

Soft and feathery, these limewashed walls are a beautiful backdrop to simple decor pieces.

Left: CULTIVER linen bedding. Right: Photo of Kate Dinon's Balnarring home by Rhiannon Taylor Right:

2. Venetian Plaster

A soft, polished finish that creates a calming organic and natural texture.

Left: 'C Penthouse' by Vincent Van Duysen. Photo by Koen Van Damme. Right: MT Townhouse by Studio Brent Lee.

Left: 'C Penthouse' by Vincent Van Duysen. Photo by Koen Van Damme
Right: MT Townhouse by Studio Brent Lee.

3. Tiles

These handmade Moroccan tiles by Tiles of Ezra are a beautiful way to introduce a touch of colour and texture to the bathroom.

Clay Bejmat tiles in Georgia Ezra's bathroom. Photo by Amelia Stanwix.

Photo by Amelia Stanwix.
Shop the Look: Clay Bejmat tiles

4. Rag Rolling

This technique replicates the look of marble, and creates a moody and luxurious feel.

CULTIVER Bluestone linen bedding.

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5. Cross-hatching

Similar to rag rolling, this textural paint application adds a subtle texture that's calming and adds intrigue to a space.

Lune1860. Design by @studio_author. Photo by Niamh Barry.

Photo by Niamh Barry. Location @lune1860. Design by @studio_author.