INTERVIEW | Style Your Home for the Holidays Like a Stylist

INTERVIEW | Style Your Home for the Holidays Like a Stylist

15 DEC


Style Your Home for the Holidays Like a Stylist

Ever wondered how an interior stylist prepares for the holiday season? We spoke with Colin King, the celebrated creative behind our recent collaboration The Stylist’s Collection, ahead of the most wonderful time of the year. Read on to learn how he styles the guest room, his go-to scent for his home and what he’s always got on hand in the fridge. Plus, take inspiration from how he styles his pieces from the recent campaign on location at Glemham Hall in the UK.

How do you prepare the home for guests for the holidays?

The holidays can be exhausting enough, with gift shopping, traveling, and mingling at one too many gatherings, so when it comes to hosting my friends and loved ones for the holidays, I like to keep it as stress-free as possible. I want my home to be a place for everyone to unwind and enjoy one another’s company. I keep my decor very simple with straightforward decorations like taper candles and festive greenery. I don’t know my way around the kitchen but being a great host doesn’t mean you have to be a great cook, I always opt to have the food catered or pick up some delicious (and beautiful) desserts at my favorite bakery. Overall, I like to keep it informal and relaxed.

How would you prepare a guestroom?

Layered Textiles

When the holiday season comes along, I layer in extra bed linens to welcome my guests and create a warm and cozier feel.

Fresh Flowers and Greenery

Besides adding color and texture to the space, fresh cut flowers and greenery add a special touch that feels warm and thoughtful.

When the holiday season comes along, I layer in extra bed linens to welcome my guests and create a warm and cozier feel.

Don’t forget the Essentials

Make space in drawers and closets, don’t forget bath linens, and a carafe for water.

How do you like to style the bed?

Typically, I style my beds in a simple, monastic way. I love the relaxed feeling of the bed covers we designed together, pooling onto the floor - it adds movement and a serene quality to the air of the room. During the holiday months, I never want anyone to get cold or feel uncomfortable while in my home so layers are super important. I’ll fold an additional bedcover neatly at the bottom of the bed and a loosely tossed throw on top of that providing plenty of layers and comfort to snuggle into on a cold winter night.

What's your favourite home fragrance?

Margiela has a warm and sophisticated fragrance that I really enjoy this time of year called By the Fireplace. It has both smoky and sweet notes that really recreate the atmosphere of sitting next to a roaring fire.

What's your go to playlist or type of music?

I may be the only person that uses Pandora still but I usually throw on Sade Radio or Sault Radio, sometimes Luther Vandross or Leon Bridges Radio too.

What essentials are in your refrigerator for guests? What do always have on hand?

Every kind of still and sparkling water you can think of. A variety of light bites yogurts and eggs for the mornings, light snacks throughout the day, and cheeses and fruits for a pre dinner snack.

What do you like to offer to eat/drink?

I like to have a signature drink that everyone knows they can have when they come over. For me, that’s Ghia. Ghia is a non-alcoholic aperitif made with the purest ingredients –vibrant, fresh, and satisfyingly bitter. Sometimes I make it a spritz with some sparkling water with a garnish. It’s fun, a lot of people don’t know about it yet so it’s fun to be a part of their first experience. Lots of desserts, I have a sweet tooth!

Where's your favourite holiday destination?

I love to be at home in New York during the holidays. The city is festive and I travel a majority of the year so the holidays allow me to slow down, refocus, and reconnect with my community.

Stay in or go out?

Stay in!