TRAVEL | Turkey

TRAVEL | Turkey

09 APR

Written and photographed by Brooke Saward.

I will never forget the excitement I felt when I booked my flight into Istanbul, Turkey. I had long dreamed of meandering the busy souks in search of trinkets and treasures, smelling the wafts of freshly baked Turkish pastries filling the streets in the morning and meeting passionate locals who call this city home. Within the first 24 hours of my visit, I had experienced all this and more.

Turkey is a sensory overload in the best way possible. There's no shortage of sights, sounds and smells to leave you feeling captivated by this country's culture. As I think about it now, I can almost taste the sweetness of a freshly baked baklava on the tip of my tongue and feel the crunch from that first sinful bite. I will forever be grateful for memories like these that take me back, albeit for a brief moment.

Brooke Saward's living space. There is a white three seater sofa with the Talik Velvet Cushions in Mustard and Fawn sitting amongst the white sofa cushions. There is a sculptural stone coffee table with decor items displayed on top. In the corner of the room is a tall, gold framed mirror. On the wall opposite is an abstract painting featuring cream and brown colours. There is a small cylindrical stone plinth below the painting with a small lamp.

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Left image: In the corner of a bedroom is a wooden chair with a white seat. On top of the chair is the Square Talik Velvet Cushion in Fawn stacked on the Square Talik Velvet Cushion in Mustard. There is a Square Talik Velvet Cushion in Cream resting on the right leg of the chair. Behind the chair and cushions is the Linen Curtains in Natural. Right image: Brooke wearing a white high neck singlet and white flare pants, sitting on a brown chair and holding a cup.

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Brooke's bed styled with the Blush Fitted Sheet, Duvet Cover Set in Dusk and the rectangular Talik Velvet Cushion in Cream. Next to the bed is a dark brown side table with a cream coloured lamp on the corner of the table. The bed is against a board and batten grey wall.
Left image: Architectural features of a building in Istanbul, Turkey. Image taken by Stefania Chihaia.Right image: The Talik Velvet Cushions in Mustard and Fawn on a white sofa. There is a tall lamp behind the sofa.

Shop the Look: Talik Velvet Cushion in Mustard and Fawn
Left image by: Stefania Chihaia

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